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Do I swear to tell the truth, the WHOLE truth, and nothing but the truth??



I hadn’t heard of Glennon Doyle Melton until just a couple of weeks ago when her interview with Marie Forleo popped up in my Facebook feed. If you haven’t seen it, HIGHLY recommend that you do…30 minutes well spent. (You can find it here). I found myself shouting “YES!” at several parts and excitedly pumping my fist into the air, much to the alarm of my poor and sensitive creature, Sophie.

I resonated with so much of what she had to say that I listened to two more podcasts where she was being interviewed about her new book Love Warrior.

I continued to feel more and more inspired by her.

The number one thing that inspired me was her honesty, her courage when it came to fully owning and sharing her story, which was not the lightest and fluffiest story to tell. By the way, I am fully obsessed with the power of women owning and sharing their stories, if you haven’t noticed.

As I listened to her I started to become aware of something. While I am MUCH BETTER at owning and sharing the stories from my past than I used to be, I also have a tendency to wax a bit philosophical on my blog. Personally I love conversations about the nature of Truth and the universe and the divine, BUT there is also a distance to that type of writing that allows it to feel more comfortable to me. Safer. Less vulnerable.

I don’t need to reveal too much of myself….

As a lover of learning, a few months ago I decided I wanted to focus more on EXPERIENCE. You see, I have a bit of a problem: I inhale books. While I will always love to read and distill the wisdom in another’s words, there is something to be said about having your own experience versus reading about someone else’s.

And as I continue to walk down the road of experiencing more, I feel like I am being called to share more of that.

I know that it is right because it feels daunting. It feels like turning towards discomfort instead of away from it. I have learned that when we turn towards what frightens us or makes us squirm, that is when the magic happens. That is where the growth is.

Basically, I am writing this post to tell you that I am going to be posting more of my personal experiences. Some I will have made meaning out of, some may just be what is up for me in that particular moment. Is writing this post a way to procrastinate on actually writing and/or sharing some of those personal stories? Mmm probably yes.

The journey of an entrepreneur, a creative, a wife, and a woman is not a straight line. There are amazing mountain peaks where the beauty of life takes my breath away, but there are also dark valleys where I can’t see clearly and am fumbling around like a fool. I want to share the whole range of experience with you. Not only the mountain peaks because that is only half the truth. And two half-truths don’t equal a whole truth. Just because something isn’t a lie doesn’t necessarily make it entirely true because it’s only one side of the experience. (I could totally wax philosophical on that for a while, the whole subjective versus objective nature of “truth” but I will refrain for now…)

So there we have it. I hope you stay tuned as I continue to toe my way into deeper waters hoping that I will know how to navigate and swim even when I can no longer touch the bottom. Onward ho!!



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I took the plunge…physically and figuratively!!

I went to Jacob’s Well here in Austin a few weeks ago. The well is a popular swimming hole that was created naturally as part of an underwater cave system. It has long been thought of as a mysterious and sacred place.

The hole itself is not very large in diameter, but it is deep. From what Google told me, it goes down about ten meters and then opens into the rest of the cave. It’s less of a place to swim, and more of a place to JUMP. Taking turns, you climb onto the rocks overhead and take the plunge into the dark blue water.


Immediately when I saw it I got a little nervous. There were three possible rocks with different heights that you could jump from, and while one person jumped the other 59 people allowed in the park at the same time would stand around and watch. No pressure or anything (insert tone of sarcasm here).

I had a flashback to a similar swimming hole I had visited in San Diego when I was a junior in college. So over ten YEARS ago. I remember climbing up onto the rock that was about six or eight feet from the surface of the water and freaking out. I sat there on the precipice of that damn rock for what felt like an eternity as others flung themselves without second thought from cliffs that were twenty or thirty feet higher than where I was sitting. When I finally jumped in, it wasn’t even a jump. I kind of shuffled myself off from a partially crouched, partially seated position (because that way I was closer to the water and not up as high). Can you picture it? It wasn’t pretty. Needless to say, the whole thing felt very awkward and embarrassing and disempowering.

Now as I watched others jumping into the blue hole at Jacob’s Well that old memory played in my mind. Would I chicken out this time? Would I hesitate? A part of me felt it was best to not even climb up there and save myself the potential embarrassment.

But we had driven over an hour to get here, and I knew how disappointed I would be in myself if I didn’t even try.

So my friend and I clambered up onto the medium sized rock, the clear water glimmering about eight feet beneath our feet.

“I will go first,” I said.

I stood there for a few seconds, shook out my nerves (literally), and then I jumped. As I surfaced from the cold-ass water, a part of me felt like I had been reborn. I realized that I am no longer hemmed in by the person I was ten years ago; I am no longer hemmed in by her fears. That single moment when my feet left the safety of the rocky outcropping felt like physical evidence of my growth, evidence that I have shed the skin that I have outgrown.

In life, every moment, every single breath, can be an opportunity for renewal, if we seize it. A chance to leave behind what no longer fits, what no longer serves us, and step into who we are becoming, even if it still feels a tad bit too big.

This is not to say that we should disown our past or let go of our stories entirely. They have shaped us into who we are today and there is power in owning and appreciating them, but as the Natasha Bedingfield song goes, “the rest is still unwritten.”

Own your story without letting it own you.

As Susan Statham says: