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Embody Your Queen – Morning Practice

Do you wake up frazzled? Tired? Rushed? Behind on time from the moment that you open your eyes? In scarcity mode, wishing you were able to stay in bed longer?

Our mornings set the tone for the rest of the day, and it is easy to carry that rushed, hurried energy with us. My desire is to show up in my Wise Woman – grounded, present, creative, sovereign, and wild – in everything that I do. I consciously cultivate that energy within myself every morning.

To embody the Wise Woman, the Queen, I begin my day with this 10-minute movement and meditation practice. I do it every morning before I sit down to work. This practice will leave you feeling grounded, held, and supported by the nourishing energy of Mama Earth and connected to the power of Spirit.

You will also call forth how you desire to feel that day. Instead of calling it IN, waiting for the energy that you desire to show up outside of yourself, you will call it forth from WITHIN yourself, reclaiming your power and occupying the creative space of the Sovereign Feminine.

You can do this practice in silence or play any music that resonates with you in the early morning hours.

Are You A REBEL?

IMG_8887Jeana Marino


For those of you who have been following me for a little bit, you have heard me speak about the Little Girl at length. Much of the work that I do with women is helping them to see where they are stuck in their little girl energy, and how to shift that.

The Little Girl inside every one of us is really “good”. She cares a lot about what others think of her and she always aims to please and perform. She doesn’t want anyone to be unhappy, and will even shirk her own truth if she thinks that someone else won’t like it.

The Little Girl is about COMPLIANCE. Complying with the rules of the established system that she is in, so that she will receive love or a sense of safety or belonging as her reward for that compliance.

Today I want to introduce you to her older sister, The Rebel.

You see, many people confuse The Rebel with the Wild Woman, but they are not one and the same.

The Rebel is your inner adolescent. There is a reason we all think of the teenage years as the time in your life for rebellion. Where before you were seeking to comply with the established order to define who you are and what you are a part of, when you move into the rebel you define who you are by who you are NOT.

Basically, the Rebel is about pushing against the status quo as a big FUCK YOU to the man.

There is a lot of anger in the adolescent rebel and a good dose of destructive energy. But it is not necessarily destruction in the name of creation, but rather destruction for its own sake, with the goal of pissing off the establishment.

If you notice though, there is a common denominator in both the Pleasing Little Girl and the Rebellious Adolescent…

When we associate ourselves with either, we still require someone or something outside of ourselves to define who we are.

You either define who you are based upon who you please or are compliant to, versus who you are rebelling against.

In either case, there is a comparison happening, where you look to something outside and say, “Yes, I am this” or “No, I am not that”.

When we grow past and integrate both the Little Girl and the Rebel, we get to the Wild Woman. The Wise Woman. The Queen.

The sovereign feminine. The woman who is whole unto herself. Full of herself. Who doesn’t need to define herself in comparison to anyone or anything external to herself.

This is what differentiates the Wise Woman from the Rebel in terms of development. From the outside world, they can look similar because both may walk against the grain.

But the Rebel goes against the grain to give the finger to the status quo, where as the Wise Woman may happen to go against the grain simply because she is following her own inner compass. She is so deeply rooted in her own truth and sense of who she is that that becomes the only path that she can walk.

If you are still stuck in the Little Girl energy, it is normal to go through a period where you associate with the Rebel.

But realize you are not only rebelling against patriarchy and external society, but also against the places within your own psyche where you have internalized those voices.

The Wise Woman integrates. She moves past the either/or dualistic thinking and knows that she can hold all of the energies. Both the Little Girl and the Rebel are allowed to be parts of her; they just don’t get to make the decisions.

From a sovereign and full place, the Wise Woman creates her life not in compliance or rebellion, but by adhering to a deep well of inner wisdom and truth.

Mentoring women as they cross the threshold from little girl to wise woman, as they embody their inner Sovereign Feminine, is my passion. For the power of the feminine to rise in the way that we desire, we cannot rely on the little girl who still seeks to please nor the rebel who only pushes against. The time has come for us to claim our throne.

If you are feeling the call to serve in a bigger way, to EMBODY the Wise Woman within, I would love to speak with you about one-on-one coaching with me. The initial Discovery Call is free and a beautiful way to see if coaching would be a good fit for you. Schedule yours by clicking here or email me at

Confession…I still want you to like me


I have a dirty little secret to share with y’all today…are you ready for it?

There is a part of me that still wants you to like me.

Much of my internal work over the last few years, and the main focus in my work with one-on-one clients for the last several months, has been moving beyond the Little Girl and into the Wise Woman.

The Little Girl within each of us can easily be identified by a variety of traits, one of which is how much she wants to be LIKED.

As we begin to see that within ourselves, to see how often we have betrayed ourselves for the sake of someone else (anyone else) liking us, our typical reaction is to want to get rid of that part. We look at our Little Girl with resentment, dismay, and disgust.

This gives rise to the opposite…desperately wanting to not care at all about what people think of us.

Mimicking our first journey of maturation, we go from little girl to rebellious adolescent (in the coming weeks I will tell you more about the inner Rebel).

You might have seen this happening in the collective or within yourself.

Look at how popular the “zero fucks given” phrase has become. It is used as a battle cry for women who are tired of being little girls.

But it has the hardened energy of the adolescent, and while it is helpful and normal to move through that, we don’t want to get stuck there. Because the irony is that we are actually just rebelling against ourselves. Rebelling against the places within us that still believe the cultural programming. Rebelling against the Little Girl who, despite all of our hard work, still freakin’ cares what other people think.

I remember my own “zero fucks given” phase. I was really excited about it. It felt fierce and strong and tough, and coming out of my little girl, I drank that energy down like sweet nectar.

I remember one moment in particular, telling my coach with pride how I would no longer give a fuck what anyone thought of me. She said in her calm and wise way, “It is okay to care what other people think. There is always a part of you that will care; the trick is to integrate it into the larger whole of your being.”

In that moment, I felt a bit like the wind had been taken out of my sails. I wanted so desperately to be a badass. To feel impenetrable.

But even then, I knew there was truth to what she had said.

Here’s the thing: We don’t need to kill off our Little Girl when we identify her. Our Little Girl is amazing. She is the part that keeps us soft and vulnerable; she is imaginative, creative, and fun.

She also happens to really care what other people think and wants to be liked.

But instead of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, making our Little Girl “wrong”, and hardening ourselves to the world (and ourselves), we simply move her out of the driver’s seat. We put her in the back right next to her rebellious and bitchy older sister.

We integrate them both into our Wise Woman.

But let’s be clear…it’s the Wise Woman who gets to drive the car.

With your hands on the wheel and feet on the pedals, you will likely still hear your Little Girl voice her fears from time to time about not being liked or not belonging.

The difference is, and this is HUGE, when the Wise Woman is driving, you no longer identify with those fears. You listen to them and have empathy towards that part of yourself.

So yes. There is still a part of me that cares if you like me (Little Girl).

But there is a part that cares more about standing in my own truth, and knows that it’s not my responsibility as to whether you like that or not (Wise Woman).

This means that I am no longer willing to sacrifice who I am and what I stand for, and I am not willing to show up as inauthentic, because I want you to like me.

I am no longer willing to shirk my own truth to make myself more palatable.

When we are in our Wise Woman we integrate both the Little Girl and the Rebel into a larger whole. The Wise Woman is secure and confident enough in herself that she can allow all parts of herself to exist.

The Little Girl and the Rebel are but two differently colored threads that she can choose from.

She herself, the Wise Woman, is the whole interwoven tapestry.

Can you feel the feminine rising within yourself? The call of your wild and wise feminine soul, yearning to be heard, to be set free, and to be embodied here and now? In my one-on-one mentorships, I help guide you from your Little Girl and into your Wise Woman. Back into your creative truth. Claiming your power and sovereignty. Embodying your Queen.

The first call is a free 30-minute exploratory session to see if we resonate with one another, if our soul voices sing in harmony. To schedule your first session, click here.



Why Knowledge Isn’t Enough


 “In the Book of Wisdom, Solomon the Wise provides the clue to finding the balance of the heart. ‘Seek Wisdom,’ is his plea. Wisdom combines experience with knowledge. Experience is lived through the passions of the body; knowledge is learned through the discipline of the mind. Wisdom connects body and spirit in soul.” – Marion Woodman + Elinor Dickson from Dancing in the Flames

When I first read this passage in Marion Woodman’s Dancing in the Flames I went back over it several times. I underlined it. I shared with friends and groups that I am a part of.

It resonated so deeply with my own personal experience.

What I wish someone would have told me (although they might have and I didn’t listen/get it) when I started my entrepreneurial journey is that if you are truly following your soul’s calling, it will take time. It will take more time than you think it will.

That is not only because it always takes more time to build a business than you anticipate, but also because you need time to learn. And then you must take more time to integrate what you have learned and to embody what you are teaching.

If I am completely honest, much of my early entrepreneurial journey was less about business building and more about uncovering my own soul (although I didn’t realize that at the time). It was about my own feminine awakening. Moving from my Little Girl into my Wise Woman. Beginning to embody the Queen.

If I had known that, maybe I would have relaxed more (probably not). Allowed the journey to unfold with just a tad more grace (again, probably not).

In our society though taking time to unearth your feminine soul is typically frowned upon. You are supposed to “work”. To produce. Doing is more highly valued than being.

And since I too had internalized that belief, I produced and produced, with varying results.

But one day something changed… A year or two ago, I realized that I desired more experiences. I am a very heady, theoretical person and you will find my nose buried in a book more often than not. And up until that point, I had read about countless other women’s soul journeys, divine feminine awakenings, and spiritual experiences. I had inhaled book after book.

I thought that I could study my way to their wisdom.

But I remember in that moment becoming starkly aware of the fact that reading about someone else’s experience is not a substitute for having your own.

Wisdom is kind of an elusive thing, difficult to define. But you know it when you feel it.

That is because, like Marion Woodman so eloquently states, wisdom is the combination of lived experience and learned knowledge. It lives in the mind AND body.

Moving towards and valuing my bodily experience as much as I value intellectual knowledge (i.e. what the masculine paradigm has taught us is most important) shifted my life and the type of mentor that I am.

Coaching from this more integrated space feels so different to me. I no longer teach what I read in a book; I teach what I have embodied. I have walked the path.

That’s not to say it always comes easily. I am a fire sign. A quick start. An action-oriented person. And I love to learn!!

The minute that I learn something new, I want to share it with everyone I know!

My growth edge over the past year has been to allow myself the time to integrate what I learn into my body and being.

Then, when it has digested and absorbed and become a part of me, and ONLY THEN, do I share it with others.

If you are looking for a mentor, or are a mentor, healer, or coach of some kind, I invite you to explore how these two approaches feel different to you.

Do you tend to lean more heavily on one or the other? Do you value knowledge or experience more highly? How can you begin to integrate both into your life and work?

Knowledge comes from the mind alone. It is logical. Rational. Makes good sense.

But it doesn’t MOVE you.

It lacks that oomph.

Wisdom lives in the mind AND the body; that is what makes it so powerful. It comes from the heart and resonates deeply in the hearts of others.

That is why wisdom is something you can sense in another. It isn’t only present in what they are thinking, saying, and doing…

It is embedded into the very cells of their being.

Mentoring women as they cross the threshold from little girl to wise woman, as they embody their inner Sovereign Feminine, is my passion. For the power of the feminine to rise in the way that we desire, we cannot rely on the little girl who still seeks to please. We need the Wise Woman to rise in each and every one of us.

If you are feeling the call to serve in a bigger way, desire to EMBODY your Wise Woman, I would love to speak with you about one-on-one coaching with me. The initial Discovery Call is free and a beautiful way to see if coaching would be a good fit for you. Schedule yours by clicking here or email me at

Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty.

“You get whatever accomplishment you are willing to declare.” – Georgia O’Keefe

Sleeping Beauty Couch

Life is yours for the taking.

When we are stuck in our Little Girl energy, we wait. We wait for someone else to give us permission. We expect that someone will fix our lives for us. Like Sleeping Beauty, we hope that someone will magically wake us up to the life that we were meant to live.

But that’s not how it works.

You must step back into your creative space.

By creative I mean sourcing from the inside out, not from the outside in.

You are no longer a child. You do not need to rely on someone to give you approval or tell you that you are worthy; you must do that for yourself.

You must claim it for yourself.

Where in your life do you wait for external approval? Where in your life do you not feel ready? Where are you seeking permission from someone or something outside of yourself to go for what you truly desire

Where have you snuffed out your desires out of fear?

Woman, it is time for you to step up and into your wholeness. I know that it is terrifying. I know that you may fear the uncertainty or what will happen if you fail. I know that the mere thought of embracing your soul’s deepest desires can leave you quaking in your boots.

And yet, we must do it anyway.

The only other option is to betray our soul, to betray ourselves, again. To swallow our strength and power and play small, again. To keep our mouths shut and stifle our true voice, again.

That is to suffer the constriction, the tightness, the dis-ease of inauthenticity that will manifest in our bodies and our lives as stress, illness, and malaise.

Spring Rebirth is a four-week gift to your soul. A moment to allow yourself to be heard by another in a safe, open, and welcoming space. An opportunity to be courageous and look at the truth of your life, and not look away or distract yourself or numb out.

It is time to take ownership.

To claim responsibility for what is yours and let what is not fall away.

To rise up into your Wise Woman.

To get more information and to register for this special four-week coaching intensive, click here. If you have any questions, please respond to this email or email me at

About That Person Who Annoys the Crap Out of You…


“We don’t see the world as it is, we see it as we are.” Anaïs Nin

The further I go in my coaching journey, and my own journey of self-discovery (self-REcovery perhaps), this truth that Anaïs Nin captures so beautifully resonates more and more deeply.

The idea of one reality and an entirely objective observer is just that. An idea. It doesn’t really exist.

This is not just the stuff of philosophy and spirituality; it has even been proven true in science. Quantum physics shows us that the role of the observer is not as passive as we once believed. The mere act of observation changes the outcome of the experiment.

We cannot separate the observer from the observed, consciousness from nature.

These can be esoteric concepts, I know. But one way that you can begin to see this in your own life is to become aware of your relationships with other people.

The way that we see others often says more about US than it does about THEM.

I am going to give you three concrete examples so that you can see how this works.

1. INSPIRATION – You are INSPIRED by someone.

Seeing someone, whether it’s a person you know or someone you know of, and feeling inspired by them is like calibrating your inner compass. This person embodies a quality or has something that you desire. There is a good chance you are already on the path to embodying this certain something, and this person is simply a few steps ahead of you.

Inspiration is an energy that burns clean, meaning there isn’t a lot of muck in the form of limiting beliefs or victim-mentality. You feel good about yourself and where you are in life, and this person mirrors back to you the next phase of your own becoming.

2. JEALOUSY – You are JEALOUS of someone.

Jealousy and inspiration are really two sides of the same coin. But one is often considered a light and good emotion (who doesn’t want to feel inspired?), while the other is shamed and hidden like a dirty little secret.

But in both cases you desire a trait that someone embodies or you are coveting something that they have. In that way, inspiration and jealousy are both ways to attune your inner compass to your desires. HOWEVER, the difference between jealousy and inspiration is in your energy; it has nothing to do with the other person.

Whereas inspiration feels good and burns clean, jealousy feels icky and leaves a trail of dark smoke.

This is because hidden underneath jealousy is fear. Some nagging little belief or story you tell yourself of your not-enoughness.

Inspiration is supported by faith, and by the belief that you can have and be whatever you desire to be.

Jealousy doesn’t have that. It is rooted in scarcity…that there is only so much to go around. You have to compete for the scraps. And in someway you don’t believe that you have what it takes.

Inspiration comes from fullness and jealousy comes from lack; inspiration is confident, whereas jealousy is rooted insecure energy.

The trick here isn’t to judge the jealousy or repress it because then we miss the whole damn point! Jealousy is a marker of what we desire AND where we have more internal work to do.

3. ANNOYANCE – You are really freakin’ ANNOYED by someone.

Okay, this last one is a BIGGIE and I am not going to get super into detail here, but this is one of the largest lessons and the most difficult pill to swallow.

You know how there are those people that just annoy the shit out of you? Think about it. What is it about them that really bothers you? What is the character trait that triggers you?

Maybe they are greedy or stingy or selfish or stupid or hypocritical.

Here is the thing…whatever it is that bugs you about them is in you as well. It is part of your shadow. A part of yourself that you have disowned and repressed, and now it follows you around like a sad ghost.

Because you refuse to acknowledge it in yourself, you see it in everyone else.

We want to reclaim those pieces, too. Putting ourselves back together and making ourselves whole means that we reclaim both the light AND the dark. That’s where the alchemy happens; for once you bring that part of you into consciousness the benefit will be twofold. First, you will stop being triggered by that THING in other people. And second, you will reclaim the gift in that shadow.

This was a quick overview of some very DEEP topics, but y’all this is POWERFUL work that will change your life and the life of those around you. Because once you call back all that is rightfully yours (and let go of that which isn’t), you won’t need to project it onto everyone else! That is freedom.

And this is the power of coaching and why I firmly believe every single person should have a coach.

Because we all have blind spots. We see through our own particular lens and view that slice of life as reality. As immutable.

But it isn’t. It’s our perspective.

Having someone who can help you to see that is essential in reclaiming your power, in reclaiming your crown and throne.

In reclaiming your feminine sovereignty.

If you feel called to feminine wholeness, to taking responsibility for yourself, and to embodying your inner Wise Woman Queen, I would love to speak with you about one-on-one coaching.

The feminine is rising on the planet. We are the ones who will usher in the new way of being, but we cannot rely on old complexes and overused patterns. It’s time for something fresh. Your initial Discovery Session is free and you can schedule that by clicking here or email me at