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Some End of Year Thoughts…

Thank you for being here. For coming to my blog, for taking the time to read my words and musings, and for being on this journey with me.

For those who are relatively new, thank you for joining this community devoted to each of us unearthing, embodying, and expressing our deepest soul truths. I am so glad that you are here.

For those of you who have been here for the long haul, thank you for witnessing the various twists and turns of my journey since starting this blog. From my first forays into writing about food, running detoxes, and teaching why pasture-raised eggs are just far superior to cage-free ones, to now, when I feel much more grounded in my own voice and what I am here to do. Rooted in what truly calls to my heart and soul.

It is the women in my life – those of you I am honored to work with one-on-one, those that come to Qoya classes, those of you who read the newsletter or are a part of my facebook group, those I am blessed to call my dear friends, and of course my mama – who inspire me on a daily basis.

I have been so blessed throughout all of my life to be surrounded by a community of amazing women.

Conscious women. Heart-centered women. Courageous women. Women who do the work (both inner and outer) to better their own lives, the lives of those around them, and the state of the entire planet.

When I look out into the world, 2017 was a crazy year; there were times that I felt a bit disillusioned and disheartened. Gender inequality, sexual harassment and assault, systemic racism, homophobia, and xenophobia have been on full parade. I know that it must all rise to the surface to be dealt with, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy or joyful. Seeing how we are willing to treat one another, the planet, and all of the living beings on it left me feeling beaten down a time or two.

I questioned if there was any way out of this mess. How we could even begin to bridge the ever-widening gaps and fractures between us.

There were a few moments when I wanted to give up on people all together and just focus on dogs!

But then, I look to the people around me, the people I actually know and see and interact with on a daily basis, – this community, my friends and family, my husband – and what I see is LOVE. People doing their best. Dealing with their own fears and shadows. Questioning how to show up and how best to serve. Wanting nothing more than to infuse the world with more goodness than how they found it, whatever that looks like to them.

When I think of that, I am struck by the raw, searing humanity of it all. How beautiful and flawed and whole we are. How beautiful this entire experience of life is when we open our hearts to it.

And it fills me with such inspiration, gratitude, and HOPE, that together we can do this thing.

We can create a world that is grounded in love and tolerance of all beings.

We can be strong enough to be soft and vulnerable.

We can feel the tremendous grief of the world and not crumble beneath it…or we crumble to eventually rise again.

We can stand for our own truth and hold space for others’ truths as well, even when they seem to contradict.

We can create a new way of living and being that is rooted in reverence because we are willing to ask what that looks like, what that feels like, and what that means.

This utopian ideal is accompanied by a bone deep knowing that this world is possible because I see those around me creating and living it moment to moment. It inspires me to do my part every single day…or at least most days. To fill my little corner of the world with as much love and wisdom and compassion and ferocity and truth as I can muster.

For the winter solstice, holidays, and the New Year, I offer this prayer…

May we all remember our interconnectedness, that our lives intersect in unexpected and unseen ways, that we are all woven into a shared tapestry by the thread of our humanity.

May we look beyond our surface differences by seeing with our hearts and souls instead of only with our eyes.

May we treat one another and the planet and all of the life upon it with respect, dignity, tolerance, and reverence, knowing that every single one of us is simply love brought into form.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you and happy holidays.

2018…My Year of No

Over the past couple of months I have realized something about myself.

I still have the propensity to say YES to things without taking the time to think or feel them through.

Sometimes it is my old people pleasing patterns rearing their ugly heads. I don’t want to disappoint the other person, so in the moment it seems easier to say yes and agree than to say no or ask for time to sit with it.

Other times I have SOS…aka Shiny Object Syndrome.

Whatever it is that I am saying yes to seems wonderful in the moment. Fun. A great opportunity. Something that definitely needs further exploration. I follow the new creative whim without second thought.

But then what often happens later down the road is that I begin to feel tired. My energy feels pulled in a hundred different directions. I feel assailed by my various obligations and responsibilities, left wondering, “Why exactly did I say yes to this?”

I find that I am unable to give my time and devotion to the projects, people, and pieces of my life that are in complete alignment because my time and energy is spread all over the damn place. A little bit here, a little bit over there…and just a smidge in that far corner!

Scattered. Ineffective. Frustrated.

That is how this pattern feels in my body.

Let’s be clear: This is NOT how I want to feel.

That is why I have named 2018 The Year of the Sacred No. This means getting really clear on what serves my soul AND the greater good, establishing how I wish to show up and be of service in this lifetime. It means more solid boundaries. Less Little Girl, more Sovereign Wise Woman.

It means taking the time to be discerning.

Because this process of saying no and releasing isn’t always as clear-cut as it would seem.

What does serve your highest good AND the highest good of all?

That is the question that we each must sit with. Because things can serve our ego and feel really good temporarily. Or they can serve our patterns and complexes and feel comfortably familiar for a while.

But that doesn’t mean they serve our souls or our sacred work. They are little more than pretty, glittery distractions.

The more aware I have become of my own energy and how I use it (or abuse it or leak it or nourish it), the more I own my responsibility in caring for it. Because I know that when I am depleted I cannot serve anyone fully.

Likewise, the more devoted that I have become to my purpose and my sacred work, the less I tolerate being pulled in hundreds of different directions.

I feel less potent. More watered down. And that scattered energy does not feel good in my body.

My invitation for you as 2017 comes to a close is to consider what role your Sacred No could play in your life in the upcoming year.

If you said no to things that you really don’t want to do, that aren’t fully aligned, what would that make space for in your life?

What would you be able to say HELL YES to if your energy and your time weren’t going out all willy-nilly in every direction?

If you released the maybes and close enoughs, allowed them to fall away like leaves off a tree in autumn, what would their energy transform into?

2018 is the year to claim your sovereignty. The creative power in your own life. This can be difficult to do on your own, as your ingrained patterns will prevent you from seeing where there is room to change and grow. If you feel pulled by the desires of others, and uprooted and detached from your own desire and sacred ground, I would love to speak with you about my Wise Woman Mentorship. To guide you back into yourself and into your fullness.

Visit my online calendar to schedule your initial 30-minute consult to see if this intimate mentorship would be a good fit for you.

Deepening My Devotion and Getting Crystal Clear for 2018

For me this fall has been about slowing down. Grounding. Allowing that which no longer serves to fall away with grace.

Though I am still in the midst of this process (which is sometimes less graceful than I intend…), something is coming through with more clarity than ever. My sense of purpose in my sacred work is both deepening and simplifying.

Sometimes I feel like I DO a lot of things, especially on the surface. But I have realized that all of my work stems from the same underlying energy and desire.

I am devoted to helping women to turn towards their wildly feminine soul.

I want to hold sacred space and help guide you to unearth, embody, and express your essence, your deepest truth.

The “wild” in wildly feminine alludes to the part of you that is innate. Natural. Primal. Before you were domesticated or told who you should be or what you should want or how you should act. It is your instinctual truth. Your natural rhythm.

The feminine refers not only to your womanhood, but also to your underlying state of being. Below the labels and the identifications. Underneath all those boxes that you check. Below your actions, your thoughts, and even your beliefs. THAT state of being.

In our busy, modern, western world it is easy to lose track of both: our wildness and our feminine. I know I did.

I excelled at doing what I was supposed to. Straight A student. Decent job. Money in the bank. Lots of friends. And yet my life felt a bit hollow. It lacked richness. Texture. Embodiment. Feeling.

It lacked SOUL.

Specifically, it lacked wildly feminine soul.

Finally I heard the call to come back home to myself and I could no longer ignore it. I answered and have devoted the last several years of my life to this journey. To reclaiming the lost or forgotten parts of myself, to growing into sovereignty and wholeness.

Now I am honored to be able to guide and hold space for other women through this rite of passage.

Through Qoya…By finding, exploring, and dancing with the physical sensation of truth in your body. Setting that as true north on your compass. Living life from the inside out. Embodying. Trusting your inner wisdom.

And through my Wise Woman Mentorship, my one-on-one coaching offering, where I help you become aware of and unhook from patriarchal patterns and programming.

Programming that may show up in your life in unhealthy little girl energy. People pleasing. Needing external validation. Over-functioning. Taking responsibility of other people’s emotions. Concern. Need for control. Never feeling ready. Overall insecurity.

Or it may show up in a need to be constantly busy. Never slowing down. Never allowing yourself to feel fully. Relentless pursuit of goals. Constant productivity. Pushing. Hardening. And beneath it all…an overall insecurity.

Instead we explore what it means to embody the Wise and Wild Woman. She who is rooted in her body and her feelings. She who sources internally and doesn’t rely on external validation. Who trusts in herself and her truth and the cycles of life. She who has turned toward and unearthed her wildly feminine soul, and embodies that energy, expresses that energy, through her very being.

All I can tell you is that when women begin to turn toward their soul, when they find the courage to dig in the ground of who they truly are, it unleashes a magic that cannot be described. Only felt.

If you feel called to embark on this journey, don’t ignore it. Don’t turn your back on your soul’s call. For more information on the Wise Woman Mentorship, visit my website. To learn more and see if the Wise Woman Mentorship would be a good fit for you as we move into 2018, schedule your free 30-minute Discovery Session via my online scheduler.

ALSO, if you desire to move into 2018 with greater clarity on your sacred work, both what you are devoted to in a big picture sense AND how to make that devotion manifest in manageable, actionable steps, join me and my friend Alyssa Johnson on December 18th for the Winter Solstice Soulful Strategy Virtual Workshop. In this workshop, and the Soul searching questions we will send you beforehand, you will get clear on your devotion and how to take aligned action in the coming year. For full details, click here.