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The Road to Sovereignty Is Messy AF

The journey to embodying your Wise Woman, your Sovereign Feminine, is so empowering. It allows you to tap into your truth and the power that comes from living that truth into existence through your life. It’s seriously amazing.

And it’s seriously messy.

For some reason the phrase “it ain’t easy being cheesy” popped up into my mind, and though I am not certain it really applies here, I am gonna go with it.

Because it is not necessarily an easy road. And it’s definitely not a linear road. There are countless twists and turns and dead-ends.

If you have been in the habit of not speaking your truth for the better part of your lifetime, shirking your own truth in order to make others comfortable, honoring your own feelings and boundaries will be bumpy at first.

You will say the “wrong” thing. You will upset some people in the process or potentially hurt someone’s feelings without meaning to. You will feel super awkward. You will retreat from your truth into the comfort of old patterns. You will opt to stay silent because you just can’t deal with a potential confrontation.

Don’t expect your truth to pour forth as golden honey from your lips. It has spent years simmering beneath the surface. When it comes out it may be a bit goopy or tainted. Or it might erupt like a volcano. Or just seep out ever so quietly when you wished it sounded more powerful.

That’s okay!! It’s supposed to be messy!!

First off, there is the whole process of mining yourself for what is REALLY true for you. This may sound like a breeze. I assure you, it’s not. There are so many old, adaptive behaviors and thoughts that aren’t true that need to be sifted through. Limiting beliefs. Feelings that have been stuffed away and never felt or experienced. Often we try so hard to hide the truth from ourselves that we almost succeed.

This is the unearthing process where we peel back layer upon layer to get to your essence.

Then comes the part of beginning to live your truth. In your relationships. With other people that know you and matter to you. To learn how to say no. To respond instead of react. To honor the truth of your feelings in the moment without being an ass. To uphold your boundaries.

For recovering people pleasers, this is where it gets really messy and makes you want to squirm.

You may be wondering to yourself at this point, with all this mess and discomfort, why on earth would I want to do this? Why embark on this journey to begin with?

You walk this road to sovereignty because you cannot take another step that feels like a lie.

Because you feel the call. Because you are tired of hiding and pretending. Because you want to be a person that people can trust, who lives in integrity with her truth.

Because you know that you have more to offer the world, and yet you feel stuck. Your truth ends up sticking in your throat and you swallow it down again and again, and you just can’t do it anymore.

If this message resonates with you, and despite being terrified of the journey or of what is on the other side, you hear the call of your Sovereign Feminine, I would love to speak with you. It is my passion to hold space for, guide, and walk hand-in-hand with women reclaiming themselves, their feelings, and their truth.

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