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People Pleasing 101…Part 3!


In this 10-week video series I share some of the most common traits of pleasing so that you can identify this pattern in your own life!

In this week’s video we are talking about what can happen if you have pleasing as a chronic habit, a long-term way of being. Pleasing values what other people think and want, and over time negatively affects the relationship that you have with yourself, your desires, and your soul purpose.

This fall I am launching a program especially for women who suffer from chronic people pleasing. This is for you if you see yourself in these videos, but you don’t know what to do about it. In this program you will get to know your pleaser so you can identify where and when she shows up, find who you are and what lights you up BENEATH that learned behavior (yes, pleasing is learned, not ingrained), and learn to BE that person and SPEAK YOUR TRUTH where it matters most in your life.

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People Pleasing 101…Part 2!

Welcome to Part 2 of my 10-week video series on People Pleasing 101! (If you missed it, watch part 1 here.) In this video, I talk about the simple and altruistic desire to have everyone “just be happy” and how that easily flips into full-on pleasing. This is one of my FAVORITE perspective shifts when it comes to pleasing because it is so MIND-BLOWING and impactful!

If you are a woman and a chronic people pleaser, this fall I am launching a program just for you! If you are tired of trying to manage other people’s emotions and experiences, and ready to set yourself (and everyone else) free, click here to sign up and you will be the first to be notified when this powerful program opens for registration!

People Pleasing 101…Part 1

Welcome to Part 1 of my 10-week video series on People Pleasing 101. In this video, I cover one of the most common symptoms of people pleasing and how it manifests in your life. I also share WHY it is problematic to lump people pleasing and kindness into the same category!

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