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People Pleasing and Speaking Your Truth

In this episode of People Pleasing 101, my 10-week video series where I share some of the most common traits and characteristics of what it means to be a pleaser, I share why SPEAKING YOUR TRUTH and sharing your opinion can be so dang difficult if you are a pleaser. AND why staying silent is not your best option.

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People Pleasing 101…Part 5!

People Pleasing 101 is a 10-week video series where I am sharing some of the MOST COMMON characteristics and symptoms of people pleasing so that YOU can identify where you have this pattern in your own life. This week, I am talking about one of the CORNERSTONES of pleasing: relying on EXTERNAL VALIDATION.

External validation can take many forms (wanting to be liked, respected, understood, etc.), but at its core it means that you care MORE about how others see you than how you see yourself. Your sense of identity and worth gets easily wrapped up in the expectations of those around you. This is exhausting and detrimental for SO MANY REASONS, which I share in the video.

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