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FINAL EPISODE of Pleasing 101

Y’all…it’s WEEK 10 of People Pleasing 101. Can you believe it? That makes this week the FINAL EPISODE. I truly hope that this series has been beneficial to you and helped you to better see, understand, and name the behavior of your inner pleaser.

I left a juicy topic for last…CHAMELEON SYNDROME. Are you a slightly different version of yourself depending who you are with? Do you often feel like a chameleon, like you morph and blend in without even trying? Then this video is for you!

Your Wildly Authentic Life, a intensive program designed specifically for chronic pleasers who are looking to shift this behavior, is launching this fall. As I am still putting the final details on it, it is not available for registration quite yet. BUT July is the last month to get in on the Wise Woman Mentorship in its existing structure, format, and pricing. So if you have been curious about it, jump in there now and schedule your Discovery Call. Come this fall, I am launching a new website with new service offerings so stay tuned for that!!

The Shadowy Underbelly of Pleasing

In this week’s episode of People Pleasing 101 I am sharing one of the common SHADOWS of pleasing, as the title of this video alludes to. We all have a breaking point, and pleasers are no exception. When you spend the majority of your life saying yes when you want to say no, dishonoring your truth, and allowing others to trample all over your boundaries there will come a time when you HAD ENOUGH. Then you REACT and LASH OUT. It is like the straw that breaks the camel’s back and it’s no good for anyone involved.

The GREAT THING is, that it doesn’t have to be this way and these age-old patterns can shift to make way for NEW ways of being and relating. Your Wildly Authentic Life is a 4-week group intensive that launches this fall for women who are CHRONIC pleasers. Not only will you discover who you are beneath the pleasing, but you will learn to say no with kindness, honor your boundaries with compassion, and speak your truth without feeling like you are hungering for conflict. Registration goes live in a few weeks!! To be the first to be notified, register your email here. Till next week, which will be our FINAL installment of People Pleasing 101. If you have missed any of the videos, you can find them here.

People Pleasing and Over-Giving

Hey y’all! Can you believe it is already WEEK 8 of People Pleasing 101?!? If you have missed any of the previous episodes in this 10-week video series, visit the blog to view them and to see if YOU have these people pleasing tendencies in your own life.

This week the topic is pleasing and OVER-GIVING. What is over-giving? How does it differ from the good ol’ fashioned, healthy form of giving, and just what makes it so problematic anyway? These are a few of the questions that I address in this video, along with a couple of takeaway questions for you to ponder.

Your Wildly Authentic Life is a group intensive that I am launching this fall to help you get to know your pleaser, discover who you are underneath that mask, and courageously begin to live YOUR wildly authentic life. More details will be forthcoming about this program in the coming weeks. To get them as they go live and to be notified when registration is open, make sure that you sign up here.