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Spring is when we plant the seeds that we intend to harvest in the fall. It is a time of birthing new ideas and projects into being. The energy is fresh, new, and rising.

The equinox is also a wonderful reminder to check in and see where we are with the year. Did you set intentions around the solstice or New Year? How are they shaping up? Have they been shelved, moved to the backburner, or forgotten about all together?

Widening the lens even more, how is 2017 going for you? Do you feel the way that you desire to feel? Is something out of alignment?

As the feminine energy rises on the planet, more of us are being called to step into our Wise Woman Queen and take our Little Girl out of the driver’s seat of our lives.

Part of embodying the Wise Woman, the Sovereign Feminine, is taking radical responsibility for our own lives. The Little Girl seeks to place blame outside of herself, play the victim, or wait for someone to come save her. She believes that if she is pleasing enough, good enough, she will be rewarded.

The Wise Woman knows that she must save herself; she is the one that she has been waiting for.

Spring Rebirth is a 4-week intensive where you will get real about where you are in your life. No more running from what doesn’t feel good. No more sitting on your ass and hoping that your circumstances will magically change.

It is time for YOU to change.

But in order to change, a few things need to happen. First, you have to burn through the old shit that no longer serves you, like the disempowering thoughts and stagnant beliefs you still carry around about what is possible for you.

Second, you need clarity on what you desire and how you want to feel. That is your compass, it is how you navigate the plethora of decisions that you make daily, and move towards the life that lights you up.

Spring Rebirth is a quick, effective, and loving kick in the ass to stop waiting. It is a reclamation of power, reinstating yourself on the throne of your life through four weekly hour-long 1×1 sessions.

I am currently offering this coaching package, including all four sessions and a Desire Map workbook, for a reduced rate of $444. { To register and complete payment now via Paypal, click here }

This is for you if you wanted 2017 to be different, and yet it’s starting out the same.

This is for you if you are beginning to feel the fear and frustration creeping in. You might already be preparing yourself for disappointment by cutting back on your desires, lowering your expectations, slowly suffocating your dreams.

This is for you if you are ready to stand for your own potential and RISE into your sovereign feminine.

Program Structure

I don’t like to structure coaching sessions too much as it tends to choke the life and creativity out of them. But this is a rough outline of what each session will cover:

Week 1 – Getting a clear overview on where you are in your life. What is working really well. What are you grateful for. What are you dissatisfied with in your environment and in yourself.

Week 2 – Digging into what isn’t working. Making external changes or internal perspective shifts. Investigating disempowering thoughts and beliefs. Awareness of where the real issues lie.

Week 3 – Dreaming into how you desire to feel. Clarity on what you want for the rest of 2017. Making yourself, what you desire, and how you want to feel a priority.

Week 4 – Refining how you desire to feel. Taking responsibility for creating, and destroying, those feelings for yourself. Using your core desired feelings as a compass for decision-making

You can register for the Spring Rebirth 4-Week Coaching Intensive through Paypal by Clicking Here. After completing payment, I will send you a confirmation email and link to schedule your coaching sessions. If you have any questions or wish to speak to me beforehand, email me at

The fine print: All sessions must be scheduled and completed within 45 days of purchase. No refunds will be offered, so please purchase with love and consideration. Please refer to my online scheduler to see my regular coaching hours. Coaching sessions are not offered after 4pm or on weekends.