Singing Bird Holistic Health Coaching


As women, we have been disconnected from our true femininity for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. The true joy and power of being a woman has been hidden from us, and instead we have bought into an idea that femininity is equal to servitude. To be feminine has meant to be small, quiet, and pretty.

But that’s not really what wild femininity is all about.

Your wild feminine nature is the part of you that KNOWS.

She is the deep, instinctual intuition that beats through your heart and runs through your veins.

It is she who dances to her own drummer with wild abandon.

Follows her own truth as her compass.

Relishes in the delight, sensuality, and beauty of her own body.

Understands that emotions are powerful alchemical tools that need to be felt and expressed, not shamed and repressed.

It is she who speaks and writes with conviction straight from her soul, and knows that her desires are worthy.


For the last five years I have been on a journey to unearth her. She was caged and buried deep within my own body, and slowly I have brought her to the surface. She was covered with other people’s expectations of me, stories of who I should and should not be, and labels that felt constricting rather than freeing.

I thought I would find her in a book or by thinking my way to her, but she wasn’t there. For years, I understood her, but I didn’t KNOW her. Because the truth was that she was in my very cells, and it wasn’t until I climbed back into my body, connecting to the wisdom and power that lay within me, I was able to sense her for the first time.

She is not a thought. Not some outside entity. She is me, revealed.

As I continue to walk this path, it is my sacred work to help other women to walk their own. The work that I do with women, whether one-on-one, in virtual groups, or live workshops, is devoted to unearthing this wild and ancient part of you.

Through reclaiming your body as an essential and wise part of yourself, facing limiting beliefs and fears head on, and daring to open your heart and feel it all, you will uncover your own wildly feminine soul. And you will finally be home.