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This will be the third year running where my husband Eric and I sit down on the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, and take a look at our lives, individually and as a couple throughout 2016. From that space of gratitude for all of our blessings and the clarity of knowing what feels out of alignment, we will plant our intentions for 2017.

How do I desire to feel? How does he desire to feel? How does our relationship desire to feel?

Who do we commit to being in order to feel that way? What do we commit to doing, long-term and on a daily basis, to feel that way now and throughout the year?

This is a night that we both look forward to. We make a delicious meal and get a tasty bottle of red wine. We light candles and play soft music. And we envision the life that we want to live in the coming year together.

Y’all know by now how much I love The Desire Map and the potency of embracing our desires, and uncovering the feelings underneath those desires. It is powerful stuff.

Doing this work as an individual is huge and important. Often our desires are buried beneath several layers of other people’s desires for us, what we were taught we “should” want, etc., and peeling back those layers to get to the heart and soul of who we truly are and what we truly want, is deeply personal work.

However, if you are in relationship with another human being it is equally as important to realize that your desires and intentions are inextricably interwoven.

This may terrify you. You may see this web as one of constriction. But I invite you to look at it another way.

The interweaving of your life, your love, and your dreams with another can serve to strengthen your proverbial web. It has the potential to lift you both up, free you of limitations that you may otherwise not have been aware of, and provide a place for you to be safely held in your desires.

To get to this place both partners need to be invested in a shared vision…one that includes your desires, your partner’s desires, and the desires of your relationship as an entity all its own.

This allows you both to create the life that you want to live…together.

I am offering a special coaching package through the end of January for couples who want to deepen their connection, up their intimacy, and create their shared life.

We are all interconnected and nowhere is that as evident as in our relationships. So as you begin to envision your life in 2017, invite your partner to create that reality with you.


Program Overview 

Who it is for: Healthy couples who desire to deepen their intimacy and create a shared vision for their life

What it includes: 5 coaching sessions total = two hour-long individual coaching sessions per partner + one 90-minute joint coaching session. All sessions can be completed over the phone, via Skype or in-person if both parties are located in Austin

Investment: $697

To Apply: Click here to fill out the contact form, including your email and telephone number in the message OR send me an email at

The Nitty Gritty

Desire and Dreaming: Coaching for Couples includes five coaching sessions. Each individual will receive two hour-long sessions, conducted over the phone, via skype or in person (if located in Austin). These hour-long sessions are an opportunity for each individual to find clarity on what is working and what isn’t, and to unearth how they desire to feel within themselves.

It is important that each person experience the sacred space to explore their own desires and process their own feelings unencumbered with the expectation of pleasing, or the fear of hurting, the other person. Giving yourself the time to connect with your own soul voice, separate from the desires, wants, and needs of your partner, is a crucial part of the process.

Then from that place of individual clarity, the final coaching session is a 90-minute JOINT session where both parties are led to deepen intimacy and connection by sharing their personal desires and aha moments in a safe space, as well as create a new shared vision for their relationship in the coming year.

Please note, this is not couples therapy. The goal of these sessions is to increase the intimacy and vitality of an otherwise healthy relationship.

The investment for the entire package of four hour-long coaching sessions (split equally between the two partners) and one 90-minute joint session is $697.

If you are interested in registering for this coaching package, please click here to fill out the contact form, including your email address AND phone number of where to reach you in the message field. Or you can send me an email expressing your interest to I will be in touch to set up a 15-minute initial consultation with you and your partner to ensure that you are a good fit.