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Welcome to WEEK THREE of Reclaim Your Wildly Feminine Body! The past two weeks we have focused on dropping into the body and out of the head, using sensuality, breath, and the power of our awareness. You may have already been feeling buried emotions beginning to stir beneath the surface, as this is often what happens when we come back to our bodies on a regular basis. Not wanting to FEEL those emotions is often what caused us to flee our bodies to begin with! This is completely normal.

Or you may still be gently working your way back into what it means to be in your body and are having a hard time feeling anything at all! This is also completely normal. Trust that wherever you are in the process is exactly where you are supposed to be.

What can also derail us from having loving and healthy relationships with our bodies are our very own limiting beliefs about our bodies and the feminine body in general. The last 5,000 years have not been kind to the female body and we are still reeling from the repercussions of that. This week we are going to dig around and unearth some of those hidden beliefs that may be holding us back. This is DEEP WORK, so have extra compassion for yourself this week, whatever that means to you. Allow yourself to rest. Take a bath. Sit outside and just breathe for a few minutes. Bringing these thoughts and beliefs to the surface is necessary for us to change them.

Step One: Watch this week’s Intro Video

Step Two: Answer the following questions in your journal

  • What messages did you receive about the female body in general from your family as you grew up?
  • What messages did you receive from other sources regarding the female body (this could include school, religion, magazines, friends, lovers, etc.)?
  • What messages did you receive about YOUR female body from your family growing up?
  • Which of these messages felt healthy and empowering and which ones felt disempowering?
  • Which of the disempowering beliefs do you still prescribe to on some level? How does this manifest in your life?
  • Which of the disempowering beliefs do you rebel against? How does this manifest in your life?

Step Three: Week Three Movement Practice (24 minutes)

If you have followed the Spotify Playlist for Reclaim Your Wildly Feminine Body, it has been updated with the additional music for this week. If not, you can access the playlist by clicking here. For those following along using a different software, the music for this week is as follows:

1. Ascent – Josh Brill

2. Savasana – Josh Brill

3. Going Home – Asgeir