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Welcome to Week SEVEN of Reclaim Your Wildly Feminine Body!! This week we are digging into TRUST. This is a biggie, and something that will continue to unfold for you long beyond the scope of this program.

As you continue on the journey of embodiment, trust becomes more and more important. Trust that when you open yourself to feeling fully will be okay. Trust that your body is not an enemy, or something that needs to be controlled, but rather your greatest ally that is asking to be heard and included. Trust that you can handle whatever life throws at you without leaving your body behind. Trust that there is something larger at play.

This week we will work with what trusting the body would feel like, and what may be preventing you from trusting your body fully. You may notice some of your limiting beliefs from week three popping back up in various forms this week. If so, try doing The Work on them to see if you can wiggle those disempowering thoughts just a bit.

Step 1: Watch the Week SEVEN Introduction Video

Step 2: Answer the Following Questions in Your Journal

  • If you fully trusted your body and believed that its natural state is one of health and wellbeing, how would your life be different?
  • What fears arise, if any, when you think of trusting your body?
  • What is preventing you from trusting your body?
  • If you trusted your body fully, what would be possible for you?
  • Do you trust that the universe/the divine/God has your best interest at heart? Is this belief affirming or disaffirming? How does it serve you?
  • How would you live your life differently if you could surrender into total trust that everything will work out exactly as it should?
  • What fears arise, if any, when you think of trusting the universe?
  • What does your mind do when you play with the idea of trusting your body and the universe?

Step 3: Complete the Week Seven Movement Practice (38 Minutes)

You now have TWO Spotify playlists to experiment with! Feel free to mix and match as desired, or even begin to create your own playlists! Click here to access the original, or here to access the new, more sensual feeling version. For those of you listening through services other than Spotify, song breakdowns have been provided at the bottom of this page.

Original Playlist Song Breakdown:

1. Ascent – Josh Brill

2. Savasana – Josh Brill

3. Going Home – Asgeir

4. Catch & Release – Matt Simons

5. Way Down We Go – Kaleo

6. Let It Go – Michael Franti & Spearhead

7. Let It Be – Aretha Franklin

New Playlist Song Breakdown:

1. Om Mantra (The Cosmic Yes) – Deva Premal & Miten

2. Moon Magic (Chandra) (Part 1 Alap) – Stevin McNamara

3. Rise Up – Andra Day

4. Sweet Thang – Shuggie Otis

5. Gimme All Your Love – Alabama Shakes

6. Woman (Oh Mama) – Joy Williams

7. Bird Set Free – Sia