Singing Bird Holistic Health Coaching

Welcome to Week TWO of Reclaim Your Wildly Feminine Body! Last week you began to explore the relationship that you have with your body currently, and also began to reclaim the connection with your body through the power of loving touch and self-massage. This week our intention is to continue to DEEPEN that connection by crawling INTO our bodies using our awareness. All journal prompts this week are to be answered after you have completed the movement meditation video.

Step 1: Watch the Intro Video for Week Two!! 

Step 2: Complete this week’s moving meditation (15 minutes)

To access the public Spotify Playlist, click here.

If you do not have Spotify, but wish to follow along using i-Tunes or another music service, these are the two tracks we will be using this week:

1. Ascent by Josh Brill

2. Savasana by Josh Brill

Step 3: Answer the following questions in your journal after completing the moving meditation.

Please note: If any of these questions are difficult to answer, feel free to listen to and experiment with the climbing back into your body portion of the moving meditation as many times as you would like. It’s a great exercise to do when you get home from work or right before you go to bed!

  • How did it feel to climb back into your body overall? What was your experience?
  • In what areas of your body were you able to feel the most sensation?
    • What did the sensation feel like?
    • Does it have a color or temperature?
    • Was there a memory or emotion tied to the sensation?
  • Were there areas of your body that were difficult to sense?
    • What were they?
    • What did you feel there, if anything?
  • What feelings arose when you placed your awareness and your breath on the parts of your body that had less sensation?
  • What thoughts arose when you placed your awareness on the parts of your body with less sensation?
  • Is there anywhere you wanted to avoid or were afraid to feel?
  • Feel free to free journal on anything else that came up during the climbing back into your body meditation.