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Fiercely Feminine SEDONA Retreat – December 2nd – 4th, 2016

Serena Hicks, founder of Bon Bon Barre and Slay School, and I are at it again! We are hosting our weekend Fiercely Feminine Winter Retreat in the beautiful red rocks of Sedona, Arizona at the amazing Kimpton Amara Resort. Please see picture below…


The time between Halloween and New Years, or Samhain and the winter solstice on the wheel of the year, is the perfect time to slow down and reflect on all the gifts you have received over the past year…and get real with yourself on what is not working before you set your intentions for 2017.

But instead most of us rush through the holidays in a dizzying and frantic dance of holiday parties, shopping, food, and booze, and by the time New Years rolls around we are more exhausted than when we started. Then it’s time for…Resolutions!! I promise I will no longer live this way!!! …. Sound familiar?

This year you can give yourself the gift of something different. Time spent in both reflection and joyous celebration in a community of sacred sisterhood…connecting with your fiercely feminine body through movement, taking an honest look (and ownership) of where you are in your life, declaring how you desire to feel through the holidays and into 2017, setting intentions that align with those feelings, and taking a few days for yourself to savor the divinely feminine beauty of women in community in a sacred natural setting known for its healing properties and energy vortexes.


AKA badassery of the highest caliber.

The Fiercely Feminine Sedona Retreat opens at 4pm on Friday, December 2nd and wraps up with a gorgeous ceremony at 2pm on Sunday, December 4th. That is three days to slow down, to get out of your head and into your gorgeously feminine body, come together in community to laugh, cry, and giggle, and go into this holiday season feeling NOURISHED and LIT UP.


Here is a little taste of what you can expect to enjoy:

  • Friday:
    • Let us begin: welcome festivities
    • desire map games (not like the hunger games, we swear…)
    • fiercely feminine movement; led movement guiding us back into our fiercely feminine bodies (don’t worry you don’t need gym clothes – just something you feel pretty and can flow in, yoga pants welcome #girlweekend).
    • intention setting for this magnificent weekend
    • fiercely feminine feast: it’s not just dinner; it’s a luxurious, chef-prepared, multi-course culinary sensual awakening
    • fiercely feminine field trip: Sedona stargazing is legendary. Together, we will go see what all of the fuss is about (and maybe make a wish or two).
  • Saturday:
    • morning movement with the red rocks as our stunning backdrop
    • coffee service with healthy breakky snacks available
    • custom created curriculum using Desire Map, Martha Beck and Warrior Goddess Training to tease out both your Wins and So-Called-Failures from 2016… because before you move forward you need to see where you’re coming from. #clarity
    • group lunch and fieldtrip off campus
    • releasing ceremony
    • Pure Magic Session 1 of 2: how do you want to FEEL this upcoming holiday season? In 2017? Identifying Core Desired Feelings and almost effortless action plans to support said CDFs.
    • yes, another luxurious, chef-created, feast for your senses dinner / celebration
    • s’mores before snores
  • Sunday Funday
    • morning movement with the red rocks as our supportive backdrop
    • coffee service with healthy breakky snacks available
    • Pure Magic Session 2 of 2: Deep diving and refining Core Desired Feelings.
    • Creating (and committing!) to actionable goals with soul.
    • Brunch & celebratory bubbles.
    • Closing ceremony.


If you are ready to give yourself the ultimate gift this holiday season, GET IN HERE. Registration closes THIS FRIDAY, November 25th. AND we are offering a THANKSGIVING SPECIAL where you will receive an EXTRA NIGHT (Thursday) at the beautiful Kimpton Amara Resort so that you come to the retreat feeling well-rested and restored. That Friday morning would be the perfect time to explore some of the beautiful nature of Sedona or treating yourself to a spa treatment at the resort.

We have three different options to meet whatever your little heart desires:

  • Retreat + Private Room for two nights at the Amara Resort – $1,197.00
  • Retreat + Shared Room (shared = two women per room) for two nights at the Amara Resort – $997.00
  • Fiercely Feminine Retreat ONLY (no accommodations) – $697.00

Also, as a BONUS, upon registration you will gain access to the secret Fiercely Feminine Facebook Group to connect with Serena and I, and other attendees. Why not start building relationships before the event? Of course it’s also a great way to stay connected and committed to your core desired feelings after our weekend together.

Select your option using the PayPal drop-down menu below and then click Pay Now. You will be redirected to PayPal to complete your payment. After registration you will receive an email from us with confirmation, as well as additional details. PLEASE NOTE: You are able to transfer your registration after purchase, but we do not provide cancellation refunds. Therefore, please purchase with love and consideration.

YES to this Fiercely Feminine experience! DROP DOWN OPTIONS:

In review, for your investment in the registration for the Fiercely Feminine Retreat you will receive…

  • THREE NIGHTS at a luxury boutique hotel.
  • Desire Map Deep Dive where you will unearth and declare your core desired feelings for the holiday season and 2017.
  • Daily feminine movement classes, appropriate for any body or fitness level, led by my amazing co-hostess and creator of Bon Bon Barre Serena Hicks
  • Delicious, organic, chef-prepared meals from the moment the retreat begins to the final celebratory Bubbles N’ Brunch on Sunday. You won’t need to worry about a single meal. And yes, we can accommodate any dietary restrictions you may have.
  • Two magical field trips into the beautiful surrounding nature of Sedona, known for its healing properties and energy vortexes
  • Love, giggles, tears and everything in between in a safe space of sacred sisterhood where all of you is welcome and encouraged.
  • A fully immersive experience and time out of your daily life dedicated solely to you and your personal growth. Your feminine soul needs this. All of ours do.
  • A community of like-minded, open-hearted women who are committed to taking back their power, coming home to themselves, and changing the freakin’ world, one joyously free soul at a time.

If you are ready to SAY YES to yourself, to your own growth, to your own dreams in 2017 and beyond reserve your space today. We cannot wait to share this amazing experience with you!!