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Introduction to Sacred Dreaming :: In-Person Workshop

When: Wednesday, February 21st from 6:30 – 8:30pm CST

Where: Sol Healing and Wellness Center, Austin

Price: $33 (Reserve your space now!)

RSVP: Payment required to secure your space.

Dreams are portals to deeper understanding of ourselves and our truth. They speak in the ancient symbolic language of the Goddess, through images that resonate with us on multiple levels. Healing us. Guiding us.

They speak the language of the feminine soul.

Sadly, in our modern world, many of us have forgotten the sacred power and wisdom that is unearthed in our dreams. We have no relationship with this part of ourselves. We forget our dreams or have no intention of remembering them. We belittle them as simply regurgitating what we experienced in our waking life. We take them literally, at face value. Or we attempt to pin them down to one meaning, the one right interpretation, strangling the lifeblood out of them.

In this two-hour workshop Introduction to Sacred Dreaming join Linda Katz of Singing Bird Coaching to restore your dreams to a place of reverence. Begin to create a relationship with your dream life in the same way that you would with any living entity. You will learn to approach your dreams with curiosity and openness, allowing them to reveal themselves to you more deeply in divine timing.

Partnering dream exploration with gentle Qoya-inspired movements, we will apply the Qoya philosophy to mining our dreams: There is no way that you can do this wrong, and the way that you know you are doing it right is that it feels true for you.

Linda will show you how you can deepen your relationship with your dreams, and the meaning that they carry for you in your waking life. You can then utilize this sacred process to more deeply connect with your dreams in the future. Prior to the workshop, you will receive materials to help you begin to remember your dreams, if you don’t already. Please bring a dream that you would like to explore to the workshop.

This event is for women and self-identifying women only. Space is extremely limited to protect the intimacy and sanctity of this event. There are no refunds for this event; please purchase with love and consideration.

To reserve your space and deepen into your relationship with your dreams, click here. 

Dancing with the Rhythm of Nature

When: Saturday, April 14th from 10am – 4:30pm

Where: South Wind Equestrian Center, Leander

Price: $250 – $300 (Reserve your space now!)

RSVP: Payment required to secure your space.

What does it feel like to dance with the rhythm of nature? To open and allow yourself to bloom into your full self-expression like the flowers?

Come celebrate your wild nature and what spring feels like in your body at the Dancing with the Rhythm of Nature retreat. This day-long retreat will feature QOYA intentional movement, energetic work with horses, and drumming.

Celebrate SPRING like our ancestors did – through nature, music, and movement – and explore what it feels like when you allow yourself to BLOOM.

This event will sell out. To reserve your space now, click here.