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Labyrinth with Koby


When: December 2nd, 2017 from 10am – 4:30pm

Where: South Wind Equestrian Center, Leander, Texas

Price: $300-$350

RSVP: Payment required to secure your space. Click here to reserve your spot.

At some point in our lives, each of us will be called to dance with the unknown. It might be of our conscious choosing, when we elect to take a risk, follow our hearts, and tread a new path. Or it may happen that through life’s circumstances we find ourselves at a crossroads or in the midst of transition.

In either case, we approach that moment where we know the old way is no longer a healthy, viable option, but the new way has yet to appear.

Fear of unknown keeps women small and stuck, not willing to take the risks that our hearts and souls yearn for. Staying in jobs and relationships well past their expiration date because, while not fulfilling, they are at least familiar.

When the unknown appears at our doorstep uninvited, we tighten and begin grasping for control to mitigate our anxiety. We are rooted in fear and insecurity.

If you are in the midst of, or pondering, a transition in your life, we invite you to join us at South Wind Equestrian Center for DANCING WITH THE UNKNOWN. During this one-day retreat hosted by Linda Katz of Singing Bird Coaching and Kelly Jones of the South Wind Equestrian Center you will experience what it means to approach the unknown not from fear, insecurity, and control, but from confidence, calmness, and deep trust. You will shift your perspective from the unknown being something to be afraid of, something that needs to be controlled, into a beautiful world where everything is possible.

Our day will include:

  • morning coffee, tea, and breakfast snacks
  • time spent in our sacred sisterhood circle, sharing our personal stories, experiences, fears, insights
  • grounding meditation
  • quiet, solo time journaling about your experience
  • a full 90-minute Qoya movement class to get you into your body to explore your relationship to the unknown
  • a delicious, catered organic lunch eaten outside in nature
  • individual work with two beautiful horses for you to experience and feel the shift of approaching the unknown from insecurity versus confidence
  • gratitude and fire ceremony with hot chocolate to celebrate and give thanks for the fullness in our lives and everything this year has offered

Advance registration is required and space is limited. Special EARLY BIRD pricing available to the first six women who register. Payment secures your space. To register now, click here.

There are no refunds, so please purchase with love and consideration. We cannot wait to explore the unknown with you!!