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WINTER SOLSTICE SOULFUL STRATEGIZING :: Virtual Workshop Laying the Foundation for your Sacred Work in 2018

When: Monday, December 18th from 3pm to 5pm CST 

Where: Virtual workshop via Zoom – Participate from your home!

Price: $44 (workshop only) or $55 (workshop + voluntary donation described below)

RSVP: Payment required to secure your space.

Join Alyssa Johnson and Linda Katz on the afternoon of December 18th for a two-hour virtual workshop to find clarity on your sacred work for the coming year.

Winter Solstice is the ideal time to lay the groundwork. To get clear on WHAT exactly it is that you are on this planet to do.

But that what goes much deeper than any of the individual projects you might be cooking up.

It is the source that feeds all of your metaphorical rivers, streams, and lakes. It is the energy and devotion underlying the action you take in the material world.

It is the bones of your sacred work and if you don’t dedicate time to it, you inevitably flesh out idea after idea that falls apart or can’t seem to stand on its own.

In our time together, and in the Soul searching questions we will send you beforehand, you will get clear on what it is you are devoted to, your Soul calling.

And then during the workshop, using the Qs as guidance, we’ll help you get clear on what it is that makes your heart sing – what your vision is, what you want to create in the world, and what main themes run through your larger visions.

And from that place of clarity, you’ll distill it down and create tangible action steps that align with your larger vision.

Can you feel your vision now? Is it a program? A book? An event? A group? An art piece? Something wild and different you haven’t even dreamed of before? Or maybe you have no idea and that’s cool, too.

Whatever it is that you decide to create in the coming year, you will know that it is in 100% alignment with what you are here to do.

Allow your devotion to be your fuel.

Come discover and share what it is that sets your Soul ablaze with other heart-centered, passionate, and service-oriented women.

To reserve your space for the workshop only ($44), click here to register and make payment via PayPal. Or if you desire to also make a voluntary $11 donation to The Goodwill Excel Center (for a total of $55), click here to register and make payment via PayPal. A Welcome Email, including information on how to access the workshop and our preliminary Soul searching question document, will be sent to you via email within 24 hours of registration from

You will also receive TWO FREE BONUS OFFERINGS after completion of the workshop. The first is an EXCLUSIVE pre-recorded channeling by Alyssa on embodying your creative energy. Second, you will receive a access to the Winter Solstice Soulful Strategy Spotify playlist to help you get into your body and create your desired feelings BEFORE you sit down to do your sacred work every day.

ALSO as mentioned above, you have the option to pay either $44 (the base price of attending the workshop) or $55, if you are able and would like to donate the extra $11 to local, Austin-based non-profit The Goodwill Excel Center. The Goodwill Excel Center is operated by Goodwill Central Texas as a public charter school, which helps students ages 17-50 years obtain high school diplomas and move into a job training program or higher education. To help students meet their goal of obtaining a high school diploma, The Goodwill Excel Center provides Life Coaches, flexible scheduling (classes 8am to 9:30pm), and on-site child care in a licensed early childhood education center. Goodwill Central Texas has a vision – empowering 100,000 Central Texans to transform their lives through work. Education is paramount to achieving that vision – a high school education can open doors and create opportunities for a sustainable career. And that’s the shared mission of The Goodwill Excel Center and Goodwill Central Texas… generating lifelong connections to work. You can learn more about The Goodwill Excel Center at

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RSVP for the Winter Solstice Soulful Strategy Workshop only

RSVP for the Winter Solstice Soulful Strategy Workshop AND make an $11 donation to the Goodwill Excel Center