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Qoya Classes and Rituals


I am currently dancing my towards my Qoya teacher certification. As part of this process, I am teaching practice classes both in and around Austin AND online through the summer of 2017. Online classes are held via Zoom, are completely FREE, and you can participate from the comfort of your own home!

Austin classes are held on a donation basis, depending on the location.

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For those who are unfamiliar with Qoya, it is a beautiful practice that is based on the idea that through movement we remember…We remember that our true essence as women is WILD, WISE, and FREE. Wise, wild, and free also draws reference to the three types of movement that we practice in each Qoya class:

  • Wise from the wisdom traditions of yoga
  • Wild from the creative expression inherent in dance
  • And Free from the freedom to feel pleasure in our bodies through feminine movement

The best part? You don’t need ANY EXPERIENCE in any of these movement forms to participate! If you have a body, you are GOOD. To check out more of what Qoya is about, visit the website.

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