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Reclaim Your Wildly Feminine Body – Embodiment Course

Reclaim your Wildly Feminine Body is a virtual 8-week program that will lead you back home to your body, your personal connection to the feminine. This program is for women who are tired of being up in their heads all day, tired of feeling anxious and worried about the future, and tired of not being able to enjoy the sensuality of their feminine bodies.

This is a journey back to your birthright as a woman…pleasure, joy, and sensuality.


Through a combination of weekly videos, thoughtful journaling exercises, and embodiment + movement practices you will begin to re-inhabit your body, learn to love and trust her unconditionally, and stop looking at yourself from the outside in, but rather feel your body from the inside out. This 8 weeks is a journey back into the felt experience of being human – daring to feel sadness and pain so that you are able to experience greater depths of love, joy, sensuality, and pleasure.

This eight week series is divided into four parts.

The first two weeks are devoted to coming home to your body. For the longest time, I did not even know what it meant to be IN my body because I had not experienced it in such a long time. I figured I am attached to my body, so that must count for something.

In our society, we are up in our heads all the time and our bodies become an afterthought at best. But in order to live in the moment, to be truly present, and to embody our wildly feminine souls we need come back to our felt experience; we need to reclaim our bodies. Not as objects. Not as plasticized molds that need to conform to specific standards to be judged. But as our home through which we feel and experience everything that life has to offer.


Weeks three and four are devoted to exploring limiting thoughts and beliefs that you have about your feminine body and how it measures up, and daring to truly feel how those negative beliefs are affecting you – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

In weeks five and six, after we have worked our way through the muck, it is time to celebrate! In these two weeks we will be focusing on what joy, love, and pleasure feel like in the body. We will deepen our capacity for feeling positive sensation and begin to use these sensations as an inner compass.


In the last two weeks we will explore what it would feel like, and what would be possible for you, if you began to trust your body fully. Finally, you will declare with your mind, body, and soul how you desire to feel in your body and begin making that a reality in this very moment. No more waiting for the weight to come off or the skin to clear and become magically firm.

You deserve to feel amazing in your glorious feminine body RIGHT NOW. 

It is this belief that has driven me to create this program.


Reclaim Your Wildly Feminine Body is currently being revamped and will be available as an ongoing, self-managed virtual program starting Spring 2017.

As a participant of Reclaim Your Wildly Feminine Body you will receive:

  • weekly emails with videos on the topic of that week
  • weekly journaling exercises designed to deepen your relationship with your body and to unearth the hidden beliefs that may be holding you back
  • weekly movement videos to help you reconnect with and reclaim your wildly feminine body
  • guided meditations and visualizations