Singing Bird Holistic Health Coaching

Where the soulful meets the practical…Wild Feminine Wisdom for your life & business

Own your unique soul magic

Speak your truth and stand in your message with confidence

Share your gifts with the world in a way that feels authentic and in integrity

Firm up your boundaries so that you have MORE TIME and ENERGY for what really matters to you

Run your business and live your life with more freedom, trust, and joy

In my one-on-one mentorship programs, I work with heart-centered women who are on a mission to make an impact. You are a coach, a healer, a creative, or a solopreneur with a passion to make the world a better place, whether on a global scale or in your corner of the world.

But your people pleasing gets in the way.

You are afraid of boldly standing for your message and owning the value of your work.

You want to help everyone and say “yes” far too often without thinking it through, which leaves you feeling scattered and burned out.

You feel a sense of responsibility when it comes to “fixing” your clients, which weighs on your chest like a boulder and prevents you from claiming your gifts.

You’re afraid to shine your light fully and you know that you still care a bit too much about what other people think.

In my one-on-one mentorships, I help women break through the patterns of pleasing that have kept them small, caged in, and toeing the line in both their businesses and their lives.

We will dive deep to find out what lights you up.

You will learn to hear that voice of feminine wisdom within AND trust it enough to take action on it.

You will begin to live your life and run your business in a way that makes you FEEL BOLDLY ALIVE.

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How Coaching Works

My coaching is an intuitive, holistic blend that incorporates your mind, body, and soul.

  • Thought and mindset work to shift your perspective
  • Movement and mindfulness to connect you to the wisdom of your body
  • Archetypes, metaphor, dream work and oracle cards to hear and decipher the magic of your soul voice

Coaching starts with the Discovery Call (schedule yours now). This free call is an opportunity for both of us to get to know one another better, for me to understand where you are struggling right now, and to determine if we would be a good fit for coaching together.

The time for the Wise Women to rise is now. Will you heed the call?

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