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One-on-One Wise Woman Mentorship

Do you worry about making others happy?
Are you afraid that you will disappoint friends or family by saying no to their demands on your time and energy?
Do you have a hard time standing up for yourself and asking for what you want?

If you answered YES to any of those questions, chances are that you are people pleaser.

You care deeply about other people’s experiences and how they are feeling. You are probably pretty darn empathic. You are easy to get along with and people like you.

But inside you feel as if you have lost a piece of yourself. You feel disconnected from your own desires, with what you want and need in your life. You are pulled in all directions by the needs of those around you and have little time left for yourself. You say “yes” to things before you even have a chance to think them through. You sometimes feel like other people are taking advantage of your kindness, yet to avoid conflict you don’t speak up.

As women, we have been societally conditioned to be “nice” and “good”, often at the cost of our own truth and experience. We spend our lives giving away pieces of ourselves to please and be validated by others, till there is not much left of us. We morph ourselves slightly and subtly to whomever we are with; afraid of being “too much” or “too little”, we play the version of ourselves that we think the other person wants us to be.

It’s exhausting, draining, and depleting. It leaves us feeling unseen, unheard, and yearning for the depth of relationship that we truly desire.

In order for women to have the impact that we want, and that the world so desperately needs, we need to move out of pleasing and into our power. This is the threshold that I walk women across in my one-on-one coaching mentorship. I help you to see where you have cornered yourself into a box of your own creation, and then break free of that cage.

Find and embody your truth.
Step into your feminine power.
Express your authentic voice.
Deepen your relationships by showing up fully as yourself.

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How Coaching Works

Coaching starts with the Discovery Call (schedule yours now). This free call is an opportunity for both of us to get to know one another better, for me to understand where in your life you are struggling right now, and to determine if we would be a good fit for coaching together.

If both decide it is a good fit, we will meet for two hour-long sessions per month. Coaching is typically conducted over the phone, so you can be located anywhere in the world. For the first three months of the mentorship, a minimum of two sessions are required per month.

The time for the Wise Women to rise is now. Will you heed the call?

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