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One-on-One Wise Woman Mentorship

The Wise Woman Mentorship is a sacred container, a crucible for your transformation to occur with less fear and more curiosity. It is a space in which you learn to trust the process of growth and change, and embrace that old ways of being must die in order to give energy for the new to be born. It is serious business, but playful as well, with tears and laughter often happening simultaneously. We tread gently, but go deep.

My role is to hold you in this sacred space, and to act as a guide and to help you mine for your truth. We sift through layers of programming and habitual ways of being, leaving no stone unturned. We explore patterns of pleasing, where you give your power away, areas where care has been equated with concern. We delve into perfectionism and productivity and pushing your way through.

We peel away all of the masks that stand in the way of your truth.

And then, by rising into your Wise Woman energy, you begin to live, embody, and express that truth in the world. Using your voice and your presence. Through your sacred work and in your relationships.

Insecurity is replaced by a calm, confident, and creative energy that bubbles forth from within. The conscious feminine energy that is full of herSelf.

Part of my soul’s calling is to hold space for and help guide other women in this passage to the embodied, sovereign Wise Woman. To help you see where you are relinquishing your power, showing up inauthentically, and how that is affecting your life. I have walked this path, and continue to deepen into it on a daily basis, and I know the potent medicine that comes from women reclaiming our feminine power. Our innate knowing. Our creative energy.

If you desire to embody this Sovereign Feminine energy, your Wise Woman, in your sacred work and in your life, I would love to speak with you about my one-on-one Wise Woman Mentorship.




How Coaching Works

Coaching starts with the Discovery Call (schedule yours now). This free call is an opportunity for both of us to get to know one another better, for me to understand where in your life you are struggling right now, and to determine if we would be a good fit for coaching together.

If both decide it is a good fit, we will meet for two hour-long sessions per month. Coaching is typically conducted over the phone, so you can be located anywhere in the world. For the first three months of the mentorship, a minimum of two sessions are required per month.

If you are ready to uncover the rhythm of your own heart, and find the courage to begin dancing to it, set up your Discovery Call today.

The time for the Wise Women to rise is now. Will you heed the call?

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